HB9HAI UHF Repeater


The voice repeater shall enable the communication between ham radio operators within the mountainous area of the Swiss south eastern alps. It also helps ham radio skiers to reach rescue and it serves as standby for general rescue actions.

The UHF repeater also enables worldwide echolink connections.It also allows Echolink activity.


HB9HAI is operated by the "Relaisgemeinschaft Davos Parsenn"

Ulrich L. Rohde, president





The VHF repeater HB9HAI operates at 439.350 MHz with - 7.6 MHz no 1750 Hz CTCSS 141.3

Sys-Op: HB9QS
Stephan Perren
CH7260 Davos

Mob:+4179 611 0080
Tel: +4181 420 1002


co-Sys/Op: HB9HAR,
Thomas Siegler
CH 7270 Davos

Tel: +41 81 420 0444

mailto:mailto:hb9har( )uska.ch



Technical data:


Trx:          ICOM RP 4020 with remote control

Duplexer VariNotch sn 21540-A

Ampli:      Teletec reducing the load on the PA of the RP 4020 and for lightning protection.

Rx preamplifierAntenna: Celwave vertical, non directive, top height above ground ca. 20m, thus the top of the Antenna is slightly higher than the mountain ridge orth of the station

Area coverage: The canton of Grison The north-eastern midlands of Switzerlandwith extensions towards north and north-east into Germany 

Location: JN46VU

Peak of Weisshorn mountain

Davos-Parsenn 2850m/9500ft MSL

Top of the Parsenn Skiing Paradise Davos Klosters Mountains